Spicy Kimchi


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Things to know about our Kimchi Hot Sauce

All of our kimchi hot sauce is manually filled and is raw/unpasteurized, therefore they continue to actively ferment inside the bottle. Sometimes, you may open a spicy kimchi bottle and no reaction will occur. Other times, the kimchi may pop and overflow similarly to a bottle of shaken soda. Either way, your kimchi is still safe to eat! Refrigerate upon receiving your Bauce Sauce Spicy kimchi hot sauce

Keep kimchi refrigerated to control fermentation.

If you leave a bottle of our spicy kimchi hot sauce at room temperature, it accelerates the ripening process while refrigeration slows the fermentation of kimchi. Similar to the way kombucha ferments, it is a handcrafted food that is brimming with naturally occurring bacteria cultures in an active fermentation state. 

Benefits from Kimchi

1. It’s good for your gut.

2. Kimchi might boost your immune health.

3. It may help lower your cholesterol.

4. Kimchi can improve your heart health.

5. It may help with inflammation.